Henri-Tagnon-portraitIn 1962, Prof. Henri Tagnon founded the Groupe Européen de Chimiothérapie Anticancéreuse (GECA) with a group of European experts and visionaries aware of the importance of introducing a multidisciplinary approach and international cooperation in clinical research in Europe. In 1968, this successful initiative developed into the current European Organisation for Research and Treatment of Cancer (EORTC) consisting of both a network and a coordinating scientific and operational infrastructure based in Brussels.

The EORTC is an independent research organization dedicated to investigator driven clinical trials and translational research and has not only an impressive track record in establishing ‘state-of-the-art’ treatments but also in ensuring that new cancer agents are developed and tested efficiently with the aim of minimizing delays between laboratory discovery and their therapeutic benefit for patients.

Over the years, the EORTC has adapted its structure and expanded its premises to respond to the challenges of modern cancer clinical and translational research.

1st EORTC Cancer Survivorship Summit (2014)

50th anniversary (2012)

40th anniversary (2002)

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