Membership Committee

Chair: M. Grønvold, Copenhagen (DK)

Secretary: A. Marinus, Brussels (BE)

T. Conroy, Vandoeuvre-Les-Nancy (FR)
E. Lartigau, Lille (FR)
F. Meunier, Brussels (BE)
J. Vermorken, Edegem (BE)

Track record of research of the institution / member; status of available medical facilities of the institution / member;Membership in the EORTC is coordinated by the EORTC Membership Committee (MC). New applicants (institution / member) must submit a membership application to the MC, who then assesses the application according to the following criteria:

  • Availability of qualified personnel for clinical trial management of the institution / member;
  • Potential benefit for other EORTC institutions / members that the applying institution / member might provide.

EORTC Membership is subject to confirmation by the EORTC Board which occurs once per year and is based on a report issued by the MC in collaboration with the Chairs of the relevant EORTC Groups.

For further information regarding EORTC membership, please contact the EORTC Membership committee:

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