New Drug Advisory Committee

The aim of the EORTC New Drug Advisory Committee (NDAC) is to expedite the introduction of new drugs into clinical trials within the EORTC. NDAC works closely with EPOD (Early Project Optimization Department), can act as a reference body for all EORTC Groups, and makes recommendations to them in all aspects of drug development including the selection of the most promising compounds.

The remit of the NDAC are those agents that have not been registered and/or do not yet with a role in oncology, or possibly agents which come to the EORTC for the first time in a specific setting. Working very closely with EPOD, NDAC’s continued mission is to stimulate, organize and prioritize access to new drugs. It has responsibility for benchmarking the choice of target/ agent and/or company, taking advice from both the disease oriented groups and EPOD.

The NDAC coordinates advisory boards/partnership meetings performed with the pharmaceutical industry. The NDAC also supports EPOD regarding methodological issues inherent to innovative agents with new mechanisms of action in the approach of early study designs.

NDAC comments on projects being reviewed by the EORTC Board, and this past year there were 36 such projects indicating a healthy activity in the generation of new projects within the EORTC.

NDAC also coordinates a research project aimed at defining new mechanisms based on chronic toxicity criteria for a phase I trial of non-cytotoxic agents.

Chair: J.-P. Bizzari, Haverford, PA (US)

A. Astier, Paris (FR)
A. Awada, Brussels (BE)
U. Banerji, Sutton (GB)
J. Dancey, Kingston (CA)
K. Dhingra, Sparta (US)
J. Martens, Rotterdam (NL)
G. Peters, Amsterdam (NL)
J. Tabernero, Barcelona (ES)

Ex Officio members:
N. Harbeck, Munich (DE)
S. Tejpar, Leuven (BE)

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