Quality Assurance Committee

The primary objective of the QAC is to work closely with all quality assurance partners from the EORTC disease oriented groups and the EORTC Headquarters Quality Assurance and Control Unit (QA&C) to ensure continuous improvement and development of forward thinking in relation to transversal quality strategies. It also stimulates transversal EORTC quality assurance initiatives such as for radiotherapy, surgery, and pathobiology. The QAC assesses serious non- compliance issues and recommends actions, as appropriate, to comply with Good Clinical Practice and new directives/guidelines from Regulatory Authorities. Issues in which an allegation of scientific misconduct has been raised are directed to the QAC, and the follow up is coordinated by the QA&C and the QAC. The QAC reports these issues to the EORTC Board.

Chair: L. Licitra, Milan (IT)

Secretary: C. de Balincourt (BE)

C. Coens, Brussels (BE)
M. den Dulk, Maastricht (NL)
P. Hau, Regensburg (DE)
B. Kasper, Mannheim (DE)
D. Lacombe, Brussels (BE)
J-P. Machiels, Brussels (BE)
R. Salgado, Brussels (BE)
M. Spahn, Bern (CH)
D. Weber, Villigen (CH)

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