Translational Research Advisory Committee

The Translational Research Advisory Committee (TRAC) was created to support and provide expert advice from a scientific and practical perspective on translational research (TR) projects conducted within the EORTC. The aims of TRAC are to ensure the independence of the EORTC, the relevance of TR efforts, and to guarantee scientifically sound results so as to increase the scientific visibility of the EORTC. As a pre-clinical scientific advisory committee, TRAC also acts as a permanent EORTC forum between the Clinical and Translational Research Divisions by fostering interest in TR within Clinical Research Division Groups and promoting clinical development ideas/concepts emerging from Translational Research Division Groups.

Missions of TRAC are to:

  • Lead Strategic translational research developments within the EORTC;
  • Assist EORTC Clinical Groups in optimizing TR studies and integrating TR approaches into their scientific strategy;
  • Stimulate EORTC TR projects either as side studies of new EORTC clinical trials or use of existing clinically annotated biosamples;
  • Provide expert advice on any TR projects conducted within the EORTC both from scientific and practical perspectives;
  • Ensure flow of information between EORTC Translational Research and Clinical Research Divisions and contribute to reinforcement of the EORTC platform of pathologists and scientists;
  • Support the EORTC Headquarters TR team and EPOD (Early Project Optimization Department).

TRAC comprises permanent and ex officio members. All of the main disciplines of TR in oncology are represented in the review panel. Each member is elected for a renewable three-year term.

Chair: Sabine Tejpar, Belgium

Vice-chair: Maria Grazia Daidone, Italy

Heike Allgayer, Germany
Nils Brünner, Denmark
Maurizio Callari, United Kingdom
Fatima Cardoso, Portugal
Nandita Desouza, United Kingdom
Serenella Eppenberger, Switzerland
Christian Fink, Germany
Thomas Gevaert, Belgium
Raffaela Giavazzi, Italy
Monika Hegi, Switzerland
Richard Iggo, France
Tamara Lah Turnsek, Slovenia
Philippe Lambin, Netherlands
John Martens, Netherlands
Stefan Michiels, France
Felix Mottaghy, Germany
Klaus Pantel, Germany
Paola Perego, Italy
Godefridus Peters, Netherlands
Anthony Rhodes, Malaysia
Etienne Rouleau, France
Roberto Salgado, Belgium
Ira Skvortsova, Austria
Paul Span, Netherlands
Fred Sweep, Netherlands
Gert Van den Eynden, Belgium
Leon Van Kempen, Canada
Nadia Zaffaroni, Italy

Ex Officio members:
Jean-Pierre Bizzari, United States
Christian Dittrich, Austria

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