All EORTC scientific activities are conducted within multidisciplinary groups divided into the Translational Research and Clinical Research Divisions. Emphasis is placed on translational research and cooperation between EORTC Groups and Task Forces.

This forms the basis of a network of oncology specialists including clinical experienced investigators and study coordinators as well as experienced translational research and laboratory scientists.

EORTC research offers an integrated approach to the evaluation of innovative agents, a comprehensive clinical trial program, multimodality therapeutic strategic evaluation, and research projects including the study of quality of life and patient reported outcomes.

In cooperation with the clinical groups, the EORTC Translational Research Division, which includes the Pharmacology and Molecular Mechanisms, Pathobiology, and Imaging Groups, focuses on preclinical testing of new anticancer agents, receptors, and tumor markers. It also provides support for translational research projects conducted within the EORTC on pharmacology and molecular mechanisms, pathology, and imaging.

The EORTC Clinical Research Division is mainly involved in the conduct of clinical trials through either tumor-specific groups (Brain Tumor, Breast Cancer, Melanoma, Leukemia, etc.) or modalityoriented cooperative groups such as the Radiation Oncology Group.

Groups are created and dissolved by decision of the EORTC Board. The EORTC Board may set up task forces which may possibly be converted into groups after a probationary period and SAC review.

Individuals interested in forming a Group should contact EORTC Headquarters to obtain guidance as to where they would best fit into the EORTC structure.

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