Effective Membership

All members of the EORTC General Assembly are members of the EORTC.

Associate Membership

EORTC Associate Membership is individually managed within an institution. If an institution is qualified to participate in EORTC activities, then all potential investigators from that institution are welcome to join the research activities of any EORTC Group. EORTC Associate Membership is by approval of the EORTC Membership Committee and endorsed annually by the EORTC Board.

EORTC membership lists are centralized at EORTC Headquarters, and this database classifies investigators by field of interest. This allows investigators residing at EORTC approved institutions to expand their activities to another EORTC Group at any time.

For regulatory reasons only the EORTC Headquarters database is recognized as the sponsor reference list. Current regulations require clinical trial sponsors to ensure, on a case by case basis, that investigators joining studies have appropriate training, e.g. Good Clinical Practice (GCP). EORTC Headquarters ensures that quality assurance and quality control procedures are in place for each study at the time of initiation and throughout the conduct of the study.

Further information regarding EORTC membership is available from the EORTC Membership Committee: membership(at)


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