Synergy of Targeted Agents and Radiotherapy

High quality radiation oncology supports drug development

  • EORTC identified combined drug radiotherapy (RT) modality approaches as a promising avenue in improving cancer patient care.
  • EORTC mission is to accelerate and optimize the translation of novel drug RT combination strategies into successful standard clinical practice.
  • EORTC initiative to support novel drug RT combinations by providing development strategies, preclinical evaluations and clinical assessments opportunities in a high quality RT and expert environment.

Cancer treatment is substantially improved by RT –drug The benefits of the EORTC STAR initiative combinations

  • Half of all cancer patients are treated with radiotherapy
  • Need for therapeutic progress in selected indication
  • Open new routes for better control, cure, and quality of life
  • Emerging new markets

EORTC has a long track record in changing practice in oncology

The benefits of the EORTC STAR initiative

  • A unique quality controlled and validated platform for integrated and multidisciplinary development of anticancer agents with radiotherapy
  • Advisory board with key opinion leaders
  • Supports collaboration between industry and academia from pre clinical stages to registration files
  • Collaboration with a wide range of international radiotherapy experts both tumor size specific and new technology treatment modality oriented
  • Well-established network of radiotherapy centers in Europe
  • Online digital and validated central review facility for RTQA
  • Eperienced risk based and propositional QA program
  • Real-time, prospective, patient reviews
  • Five different RTQA levels procedures, tailored and trial-specific
  • Benefits from EORTC’s 30+ years of experience with radiotherapy quality assurance (RTQA)


Drug development with radiotherapy requires specific skills and expertise.

EORTC offers integrated approach to drug development, drug evaluation programs and medical practice bringing together experts from all disciplines with the aim of improving survival and quality of life for patients with cancer.

EORTC offers innovative forms of partnership.

EORTC RTQA is leading member of the Global RTQA Harmonisation Group.

How RTQA benefits Clinical Trials

Radiation Therapy Quality Assurance

Precision radiation therapy to detect true drug effect

Drug development benefits from RTQA

  • Harmonized radiotherapy treatment techniques between centers
  • Standardize credentialing of modern radiotherapy techniques (e.g. IMRT, VMAT, SBRT)
  • Enhance compliance with the trial protocol
  • Cost effective
  • Increase public and regulatory acceptance of drug effect

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