EGAM 2017 – Bringing together EORTC Groups to Shape the Research Agenda


The EORTC Groups Annual Meeting (EGAM) 2017 took place on 9&10 March 2017 in the Brussels Crowne Plaza. This meeting event gathered 693 participants from 34 countries.

The current EGAM 2017 subscribed to the EORTC revised scientific agenda which was defined by the Board & General Assembly in 2012 and refreshed at a strategy meeting in January 2016.

During this EGAM 2017 meeting, the role of EORTC as a unique clinical research organisation was confirmed; the EORTC can be recognized as a Pan European, multi tumor, multi-disciplinary and regulatory compliant company with distinguished features.

At this annual event many topics were discussed and therapeutic solutions were addressed by identifying key questions which could be handled more efficiently, especially across tumors.
Optimizing the expertise of the EORTC HQ, a unique data integration and interpretation facility, was also an objective of EGAM to improve the value of the organisation towards European patients, researchers and beyond. Relevant research projects were therefore identified that could be performed on EORTC validated infrastructures in order to enhance the achievements of researchers and clinicians, building together around key clinical needs.

Taken the above into account, 4 parallel sessions were proposed in order to deliver research concepts. Challenges and future directions in immuno-oncology as well as translational research from today till tomorrow were highlighted.
Another discussion elaborated on bridging clinical research to real-life and outcome research, and finally, a session concerning the future of loco-regional treatment in the era of immuno-oncology was held.

A comprehensive report on the outcome will be prepared and discussed with the EORTC board as well as the Group chair meeting in June 2017.

Presentations are available on the EGAM website.


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