For which activities should Industry consider collaborating with the EORTC?

Industry should consider cooperation when looking for an established network of experts supported by an integrated research infrastructure. This can apply to any ad hoc clinical research project but is even more valuable when complex and rare clinical situations are explored. Industry should consider cooperating with the EORTC more specifically when projects require multidisciplinary international collaborations connected with high level Quality Assurance programs.

The EORTC has developed research infrastructures built alongside a business model where industry can efficiently partner with the EORTC. The most relevant proposed partnerships are:

  • Rare cancers
  • Screening platforms for molecular sub-entities
  • Multidisciplinary drug development extending to new research areas such as radiation oncology and combination therapies (drug-drug; drug-radiotherapy-surgery)
  • Cross tumor activities, transversal histology, multi-tumor approaches
  • Specific clinical situations: organ based, e.g. bone, brain metastases
  • Technical expertise platforms: imaging research
  • Platforms for understanding mechanisms of resistance
  • Big data: real life, registries, Health Technology Assessment (HTA)

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