What added value does the EORTC bring to clinical research projects?

EORTC brings added value through:

  • A high level academic environment framed into regulatory validated setups adapted to regulatory standards
  • Access to a network of key opinion leaders
  • New partnerships with cost sharing models for effective cancer drug development, Quality Assurance and infrastructure, screening platforms for molecular sub-entities, multidisciplinary drug development extending to new research areas, radiation oncology, combination therapies, platforms for understanding mechanisms of resistance, transversal histology, multi-tumor approaches
  • Flexible agreements for trial coordination and conduct
  • Platforms for independence with the EORTC serving as an “honest broker’
  • Data aggregation capacities, notably applicable for real life research projects where the organization has acquired the capacity to aggregate data from various sources to address complex questions such as survivorship, outcome research, quality of life, long term toxicities, secondary cancers, etc.
  • Open doors to cooperation with other partners such as payers, insurers, patient groups and regulatory bodies
  • Radiation Oncology – prospective quality assured radiation therapy program, validated systems compatible with regulatory requirements, top radiation oncology experts for image validation, methodology research for radiation therapy combination drug trials, links into biology, functional imaging and clinical data
  • Optimization of expertise through access to multidisciplinary experts with continued expertise via permanent advisory boards
  • Multidisciplinary clinical trial access platforms, multi stakeholder validated set ups, Innovative research areas and emerging opportunities
  • Specific clinical situations such as organ based – bone, brain metastases, technical expertise platforms -imaging research, Big data – real life, registries, Health Technology Assessment
  • Supporting expertise and tools such as laboratory checklists, combining essential items of guidelines, technical documentation for assays. templates, SOPs, minimum information for protocol checklist, regulatory experience and support
  • Access to patient various patient groups across diseases and internationally

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