Why should industry work in partnership with the EORTC?

The EORTC has a long history and track record in cancer clinical research and supports a multidisciplinary approach to cancer clinical and translational research. This includes the testing of more effective therapeutic strategies based on drugs, surgery and/or radiotherapy, but also integrates pathology, imaging, and translational research programs.

The EORTC provides:

  • Access to multidisciplinary experts with established expertise
  • Top line scientific organization offering up front scientific advisory and peer review committees driven by key opinion leaders
  • Network access and infrastructure with extensive experience in working with academic medical centers, other research organizations, regulators and healthcare stakeholders
  • Multidisciplinary clinical trial access platforms
  • Multidisciplinary validated platforms
  • Innovative research areas
  • Completely integrated database system with documented and auditable processes: CRF part 11 and CDISC compliant
  • Fully operational Quality Assurance / Quality Control (QA/QC) technical expertise platforms for biological material and complex imaging
  • An internationally valued and unique multinational radiation oncology quality assurance risk based and proportionate program
  • Efficient and flexible models of partnership with industry
  • Highly visible methodology research including RECIST and Toxicity criteria for Targeted agents
  • Cross tumor activities
  • High recruitment capacity
  • Value manager – cross intersection of stakeholders: regulators, payers, registries, data aggregation
  • World class oncology conferences and courses

EORTC Headquarters supports operational and scientific aspects of cancer clinical and translational research.

A fully integrated clinical and translational research support infrastructure is available. EORTC Headquarters procedures are CFR part 11 compliant, and support for CDISC SDTM has recently been added. The next version will be CDISC ODM based.

VISTA trials – Visual Information System for Trial Analysis

ORTA – Online Randomized Trials Access

SAfE – manages safety data and provides tools for reporting serious adverse events (SAEs).

PRISMA – clinical trials management system

VODCA – Visualization and Organization of Data for Cancer Analysis

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