ANDREW BOTTOMLEY (EORTC, Assistant Director, Head Quality of Life Department) & MARISA MATIAS (Member of the European Parliament)

Chaired by Andrew Bottomley (EORTC, Assistant Director, Head Quality of Life Department) & Marisa Matias (Member of the European Parliament), this conference is free for all attendees and is kindly sponsored by the EORTC Quality of Life Group, and EORTC.

It’s never too late to plan for your next conference, especially to attend free international training by some of the world’s top Quality of Life researchers.

This 2-day conference covers a broad range of topics in HRQOL, PRO, Symptom Research and Cancer Clinical Trials and policies. Bringing together 30 senior PRO international leaders, it will address recent developments of tools as well as other systems for use in clinical trials, and bring a platform to discuss international development and research guidelines. The meeting provides an opportunity to meet the developers of EORTC tools; as well as EU MEPs, policy makers and researchers.

For your information, you can now find the conference’s presentations here.