The future of cancer therapy

This progress report conveys information about EORTC’s activities and accomplishments in 2016. Readers are encouraged to further consult the EORTC website for more specific information about EORTC and its programmes.

EORTC research network and patient accrual in 2016

Scientists and clinicians forming the EORTC network are organized by field of interest, powered by the EORTC headquarters, each with a specific area in cancer research, including clinical investigators, translational researchers and laboratory scientists, but also specialists in other fields of oncology such as surgery, radiology, imaging, pathobiology… The network aims to create optimal interaction to conduct translational research and/or clinical trials on all types of cancers using a multidisciplinary approach.

In 2016, the EORTC network counted more than 4850 physicians from about 870 institutions qualified to recruit patients into EORTC studies in 35 countries across Europe and beyond.



Accrual of screened patients in EORTC clinical studies from 2000 to 2016: 89095 patients.

Patients screened in EORTC clinical studies by tumor types

More specifically in 2016, 5544 new patients were included in EORTC. The table hereunder depicts the recruitment by field of research.

Brain tumor

Breast cancer

Children's leukemia

Elderly population

Endocrine tumor

Gastrointestinal cancer

Genito-Urinary cancer

Gynecological cancer

Head and neck cancer

Infectious diseases


Lung cancer



Soft tissue and Bone sarcoma

A comprehensive pan-European, multidisciplinary, clinical research infrastructure

The EORTC is powered by its Headquarters, a comprehensive center of expertise and know-how for the organisation, management and analysis of cancer clinical research projects. Comprising about 200 individuals, the EORTC staff is highly specialised, and trained to address today’s challenges in performing independent, multidisciplinary and cross-tumor projects in a regulatory compliant environment.

This unique positioning coupled with its scientific and its partnership strategies agenda, positions EORTC as a front-runner in the European cancer research field.